May 22, 1993 5-6 Grades to Zealand Falls

Through the Cumberland/Chebeague Recreation Department and a grant from The Recompense Foundation (now The Recompense Fund) we were able to take some exciting hikes to the White Mountains. This trip was free for the 5th, 6th and 7th graders as well as the peer leaders. We traveled to Zealand Falls Hut and did an exciting hike to the top of Zeacliff and Mt. Hale. We were also able to have an Appalachian Mountain Club naturalist join us for these hikes this year.

The school children that went were Mark Bowman, Jeremy Putnam, Jason Bushee, Justin Doughty, Ryan Ross, Paula Erikson, Robert McCollom, Rusty Parmenter, Flora Brown, Chris Towle and Joseph Dyer. We had Peer Leaders Jennifer Vittinner,Becky Towle, Becky Hamilton, Katie Bowman and Deborah Hamilton. The chaperones were Beverly Johnson, Douglas Ross, and Frankie Doughty.