School Garden 2005

The school garden lives! In addition to the very healthy stand of tomatoes, we found potatoes (which were grown from a few "gone by" spuds in one teacher's produce bin at home, last spring); lettuce; pumpkins; mint; and purple stringbeans. All in spite of a summer of less attention than the garden deserves (think of what we could have done had we stuck with it all summer!).

Ann (chef extraordinaire at CIS) has prepared these and other garden fresh veggies from the island into salads, "snacking" tomatoes, and soups; and, from last spring's plantings, there is more to come in the weeks ahead. We also just planted several lettuces and swiss chard for fall harvest.

For next year, we hope to raise the funds to pay a few interns to work a few hours per week, with the school kids, to keep the garden going through the summer months.

If you're interested or want to help, call Bob or Nancy at 846 0924.