July 25, 2005

Car Crushing Update

The totals are in! Approximately 835,000 pounds of metal was removed from the Island.

In addition about 600 gallons of gasoline, 200 gallons of motor oil, and 50 gallons of antifreeze, were recovered.

About 800 tires were collected and are being recycled.

Five vehicles were recycled as vintage vehicles, and many vehicles "donated" parts to still functioning Island vehicles.

This was a tremendous effort by all involved, and shows once again, that Chebeague is capable of great things through teamwork.

We have been left with an out of pocket debt of approximately two thousand dollars. Any donations are appreciated and should be made to Island Electric.

Lets remember that vehicles should be removed from the Island once they are taken off the road. It would not be fair to burden our future generations with the task of another cleanup like we just completed.

If you have a vehicle to be removed and it cannot be driven, contact Wayne Dyer for removal. His pit is no longer to be used as a collection area. If you are unable to pay for his services, contact Kim at Island Electric. All calls will be held in strict confidence

Kim Boehm
Island Electric

Clck here to see photos from the car crushing experience!