January 16, 2005
Chebeague Boat Yard

Air Temp: 22º
Water Temp: 38º
Wind Chill: 10º

plungers: Peter Kaufman, Gail Miller, Bob Earnest, Lida Munroe, Leah McDonald,
Beverly Johnson, Ed Manion, Ben Dougherty, Hyde students: Mike Scafuro, Micheal Murray,
Justin Dubuisson, Andrei Lojek, Will Bohn, Richard Rush, Joey Moore

Thanks to the greater Chebeague Island community, the Chebeague Recreation Center had another very successful Winter Festival.

The strong Easterly breeze kept us from having a bon fire,  thankfully, Hartley and Dianne Brewer kept the Boat House warm and the participants were able to dress inside! Thanks guys!  Also thank you to Rich Brewer, Marlene Bowen and the Rescue Crew, Doug Ross, Skip Dyer, and the Hyde School students who helped raise money for the Teen Center.  We don't have a final dollar amount , but pledge estimates put us over $7,000.!

Thanks go to over 30 volunteers for helping with the Chowder/Chili/Soup/Lasagna/Hot dog/PB&J Luncheon at the Rec Center after the swim.  We thank the sweets cooks, the servers, the set-up and clean- up crews and the entrants in the Chowder/Chili/Soup competition.  Each and every entry was worthy of a prize.
1st   Beth Howe - Scotch Broth (lamb & barley)
2nd  Donna Damon - Chicken Barley Surprise
3rd   Ellen Maher - Cream of Carrot
Stephanie Miskell - Mushroom Barley
Deb Bowman - Chicken Noodle
1st   David Hill Bob Earnest
2nd  Virginia Tatakis-Calder Laura Summa
3rd   Glenn Coombs
1st   Gail Miller - Lobster,scallop
2nd  Meagan Murphy - Scallop, bacon, corn
3rd   Tom Calder - Fish
Dianne Calder Fish
Barbara Hamilton - Fish
May Hall - Corn, potato
Chris McCollom - Fish



 After the plunge everyone headed over to the Chebeague Recreation Center to take part in the Chili/Chowder Challenge and then the Pie Eating Contest!

Click here to check out photos from the Pie Eating