February 9, 2008 - Message from Donna Damon on the Democratic Caucus: Democracy is alive and well on Chebeague Island! Chebeague's first Democratic Caucus is over, and although neither Clinton nor Obama made an appearance, they were well represented. Wow! What a great experience!

We had 56 participants and 4 observers. 14 Chebeaguers switched from unenrolled (formerly Independent) to participate. 43% of the eligible Dems participated and 15 people spoke in favor of a candidate. It was awesome!

Many thanks to Sally Ballard for her efforts to make it happen! Thank you to Laura Summa for helping out. Thanks to the Town of Chebeague's Clerk, Susan Campbell, for working with voter registrar Peggie Jones to keep us legal. Peggie was busy making sure people had the proper credentials and registering new Democratic voters.

The results are as follows: Obama 38 and Clinton 14

Chebeague's two Obama delegates will be: Carol Lynn Davis and David Hill; Obama Alternates will be John Holt and Gerry Wiles.

Chebeague's Clinton delgate will be Mary Holt; Alternate Jane Scifres.

Special thanks to Donna Colbeth and Bob Earnest who kept the paperwork straight; Sam Ballard who figured out the delegate split; and Gerry Wiles the gatekeeper.

Delegates and alternates David Hill, Jerry Wiles, John Holt,
Carol Lynn Davis, Jane Scifres, and Mary Holt.
Photos by Cathy MacNeill