2008 Adult Theatre

 Good Vibrations - Jonny Miller and crew - 0:59

Teenager in Love - Stephanie Martin and crew - 1:42

The Shoop Shoop Song - John Howard and Kathie McCatherin - 0:32

Young Girl - Jonny Miller and Crew - 0:57

She's Not There - John Howard - 0:44

All Shook Up - Jonny Miller, Stephanie Martin, Peter Carleton - 0:34

Gloria - Sue Sawyer, Mary Holt and Crew - 0:37

Tell Her - Sue Sawyer, John Howard and Crew - 0:27

Robot Man - Stephanie Martin, Linda Ewing and Henry Edwards - 1:41

Mister Spaceman - Stephanie Martin and Crew - 2:19

 The CRC Adult Theatre production Return to the Forbidden Planet directed by Rachel Damon is hilarious with fabulous performances, especially the leads Stephanie Martin and Jonny Miller! The songs were so much fun including "Good Vibrations", Teenager in Love", "Gloria", "Great Balls of Fire" and many more. John Howard, Sue Sawyer, Kathie McCatherin, Peter Carleton, Linda Ewing and all the backup singers, musicians including Brad Martin, Betts Mayer, Tom Adams, Mary Holt, Bruce Bowman, Josh Doughty, Cooper Boman, J. Holt, Henry Edwards and Martha Hamilton. Special help by Cyrus McLean, Abby Dutton, Doug Damon and many more.

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