Annual Meeting of the Chebeague Island Community Association



Date: September 17, 2014; 7:15pm, multipurpose room at Chebeague Island School


Tentative Agenda:

1.      Board members: 

1.      Three board members have terms expiring (Frank Durgin, David Whiston, Erin Whetham); Erin will roll off, Frank and David have indicated willingness to remain.

2.      If you have suggestions for an additional board member, please let Bob Earnest know.

2.      Financial report

3.      Review of the Island Fellow / local food project

4.      Update on year round housing

5.      Looking ahead: what is our work?

1.      Economic development

2.      Energy conservation

3.      Local food

4.      Music fund ‘financial sponsoring’?

5.      Other?