NateandfamilyPhoto of Nate Conroy along with his parents Terri and Mike.

Nate left Monday to return to El Monstruo where he is creating a trail to it's base, summit and back again. Nate arrived safely in Puerto Montt, Chile on December 31. His plan was to find a bus to Cochamo village, a ride to the head of the trail, and hustle up the trail in waning daylight and rain to spend New Years Eve with his friends at Refugio Cochamo.

He has a blog which will be updated as he finds time and I will be adding it to my website as the reports come in.

We are all looking forward to another entertaining slide show of his adventures when he returns in the Spring!

The following link is to a blog Nate used to cover his 2010 effort to open the trail across Trinidad Valley and establish several first ascents there. He had to open Trinidad Valley trail to get within striking distance of El Monstruo.