Commons 3rd Annual Jenny Wren 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated in & pledged the 2019 Jenny Wren 5k!
CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS: Zach Rich: 1st Place Runner Henry Hall: 2nd Place Runner
Bradley Vining: “Freshest” (youngest) son of Alissa & Dustin
Bev Johnson “Wisest” (…you know what that means!)
We had a fabulous (rare!) morning for the 3rd annual 5k event, with a great turnout of walkers & a nice crowd of supporters. Thanks to all our volunteers, and to the Jeanette & Ken Hamilton extended family for spearheading this terrific & festive fundraising event. Stay tuned for photos and final fundraising figures… still tallying but we’re closing in on $9,000! Thank you to Ann Thaxter for making and donation the wonderful flower arrangements for the winners!

Nancy Olney
Community Outreach Manager