Island Lifelines

The Chebeague community has been impacted over the past several years by major losses, leaving us with a common response, “What can we do?” Yes, we can support each other, be understanding, listen…but what can we do to make a difference?

Come and learn what a big difference you can make.

The Island Lifelines program will provide those skills, especially related to feelings of suicide, in ways that apply to any of life’s stressors. Participants will learn how to recognize risk factors and warning signs that are often ‘hidden in plain sight.’ Not sure about a warning sign? You can learn to ask in ways that will open a conversation that could potentially be life-saving. Does it appear that someone is at risk? Come and learn how to reach out in helpful ways, and locate available resources.

The program has a unique format, with two parallel programs for teens and adults. One “Island Lifelines” program is designed for for teens and youth and a second program for parents and adults. The goal is to prepare many generations of islanders at the same time. The “Island Lifelines” program is open to members of the wider Chebeague community, including any summer teens or adults.

The Island Lifelines program is based upon the NAMI Maine Suicide Prevention Program, and is sponsored by the Chebeague Recreation Center.

Island Lifelines for Youth: taught by Greg Marley of NAMI Maine. Greg is the Clinical Director and Trainer of the Maine NAMI Suicide Prevention Team, and does workshops and trainings across Maine. Open to all youth over 14 years old, island and summer residents. The day will count as a day in school; Yarmouth High School has given permission for the workshop to be counted as an excused absence. A similar arrangement can be requested with other schools.

Island Lifelines for Adults: taught by Eliza Adams, M.Ed., M.F.T. and Janna Hobbs, L.C.S.W.. This program will be for parents and concerned adults, and cover similar information to the Island Lifelines for Youth. Janna has 35 years of clinical experience and has expertise in working with suicidal adolescents and their families. Eliza has 15 years of experience teaching two NAMI programs, the Lifelines and the Gatekeeper programs.


Island Lifelines for Youth: Friday, January 3

Island Lifelines for Adults: Saturday, January 4


Time: 10:30-2:00pm

Location: Rec Center

Cost: Free, lunch and materials provided

Value: Priceless


FMI Eliza Adams 233-8533

Janna Hobbs 846-0859

Laura Hamilton. 317-1984