Island Commons Bid Hello to Summer: “Week 7 - Transformers”

When the Red Studio opened in the fall of 2016, we had high hopes that our little resale shop would generate some extra revenue for the Island Commons. And it has. What we didn’t count on are the many generous friends who have lent a hand along the way. A few of them even said: “That looks like fun. Can we help you to fix up some of those quirky things sitting in your garage?” Thus, was born the “Transformer Corner,” where donated goods in need of some artistic TLC were adopted by our island friends for makeovers.

Last summer during the Commons’ live auction, bidding on the finished Transformers was intense. In this, Week 7 of our auction, we hope the Transformers offered online here will also capture your fancy.

In keeping with our Transformer theme, we’ve included in our auction this week the opportunity to bid on three items that are needed at the Commons. The care that the Commons provides our residents literally does transform daily life for them, and, in turn, for families, friends and the larger Chebeague community. You’ll find information about the “wish list” items below.

Thanks to our wonderful volunteer Transformers. Click for the Commons. Thanks for your support.

Reminder that “Week Six - Seafood Week” ends this Saturday, August 15th at 11pm.