Memorial Day 2020


I have been hearing the words "Liberty and Freedom" a lot lately. There are those
who believe they are God given rights. The truth is, there is a cost for freedom.
Those rights have to be earned.
Maybe you have noticed the three flags at the Historical Society.
Cathy MacNeill donated the American Flag. We all know what that stands for. Or should!.
Doug Ross donated the Maine State Bicentennial Flag.
Many of the events to celebrate Maine's 200th Birthday this year have been canceled.
We can celebrate it though by remembering who created the State of Maine.
Most of us here on the Island can trace our ancestry back to those who first settled here.
Our families first came to this area and founded the towns that surround Casco Bay and the
Islands in the mid 1700s.
After 1763 some began moving up the coast. In 1775 came the American Revolution.
Our ancestors participated in the War of Independence.
Just imagine what they endured!. They were poor, hungry and even dealing with deceases of
thier time in what was an incredibly harsh territory. Look what they Achieved!.
Look at what they created by uniting and sacrifice!.
I'm willing to bet that no one knows what the flag at the bottom is or what it stands for.
Today it is known as the "Bedford Flag". It was flown by the Patriots at Lexington and Concord.
Mentioned in the "Concord Hymn" by Ralph Waldo Emerson.
The motto is " Vincere Aut Morire". Conquer or Die or Victory or Death.
The raised arm holding the sword is a symbol of God battling Evil.
It's the symbol that marks the beginning of this Country although not remembered.
They were the first to fight for the rights we sometimes take for granted.
Every generation since has had to fight and sacrifice to keep them.
There are those who believe their rights are being stomped on today when being asked to
do a couple simple things in this battle we face. Distance a little and wear a face covering.
All to protect each other and the more vulnerable citizens but they struggle with that.
Really!. Shame on you!. They fought and sacrificed for you!.
Maybe you all just need a little history lesson.
History will show what comes from division in this Country.
It also shows what can be achieved when we are united. United works best!.
Anne has done an amazing job at the Cemetery this year.
Beth and the gang have placed the flags that mark the graves of the Islands Veterans.
Some dating back to the American Revolution and the first settlers.
It will be a slower, quieter Memorial Day this year.
A great chance to remember all of those who have sacrificed for us.
Liberty and Freedom has a cost. They have to be earned and fought for now and then,
Memorial Day is a good reminder of that.
Maybe take a little time this weekend to remember and honor.

Be safe!

Donny MacNeill