Logging onto a scheduled Zoom meeting:

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis the Chebeague Island Board of Selectmen has determined to conduct meetings via remote access as provided in law.  The Board has voted to use Zoom, an online or telephone based meeting platform, as a means of allowing the public to attend and participate in this meeting.  Zoom ensures that all Board members, and all members of the public, will be able to be heard by all participants.  As required by law, all votes taken at this meeting will be taken by roll call.

For the duration of the current shelter-in-place restrictions, the Town will be conducting public meetings via Zoom.  It will enable the Town to continue to conduct business while providing the public the ability to view the proceedings and participate as appropriate. 

The best way to participate in the TownÕs Board of SelectmenÕs meetings is to use your computer.  If this is not possible or preferable, the land line phone works well, but you wonÕt be able to see participants or any visual displays.  The cell phone option works well, but is a little more difficult to set up.  Once the number is entered and saved, however, it is a good option.

We recommend that you program the appropriate web address or telephone number into your computer, telephone, or cell phone to simplify future calls.


On your computer:



On your land line phone:

+1 929 205 6099

Meeting ID: 851 577 7311


On your cell phone: