Update from the Great Chebeague Golf Club. 

This posting includes several important items related to the status of the golf club.  First of all, our course is closed, even to casual golfing, and will not open on our usual Memorial Day weekend schedule.  We will not open until (1) the course is properly prepared and (2) the club is certified by the State of Maine to have met a critical list of conditions designed to ensure the health and safety of golfers and our staff. 

Finally, the club’s leadership has delayed starting most of our usual pre-season maintenance, but have now developed a process that will allow our Green Superintendent, Cary Espeaignette, to begin his work on the course without posing risk to the rest of the island community.  The key elements of this plan are

1) that Cary will use his own boat for his commute to and from the mainland;

(2) he will wear a face mask at the Chebeague and Cousins docks;

(3) he will time his trips so they do not coincide with the comings and goings of the Independence;

(4) he will limit his presence on Chebeague to the golf course grounds; and

(5) he otherwise will observe the strictest of social distancing while on the island and during his trips back and forth. Please feel free to contact either of us if you have questions.  Jim Gallagher, President; Carl Tubbesing, Green Committee Chair.