Chebeague Friends and Neighbors,
We will come together for our planned peaceful gathering tonight, SUNDAY, JUNE 7, AT 9PM. I am so grateful for the energy and enthusiasm from so many others to gather in this way in unity, compassion, and memory of those who have been silenced and those who have suffered from discrimination, racism, and violence.
FINAL updates and reminders:
1. Please arrive several minutes before 9:00 PM, so that we can be ready to safely proceed at 9:00 PM. We will line the sides of the road at a 9-foot distance. PLEASE WEAR MASKS AND MAINTAIN THE SAFE 9-FOOT DISTANCE.
2. For those bodily able and wishing to, we will lie down on our stomachs for the 9 minutes beginning at 9:00 PM. We will NOT be lying across the road, but along the safe edges at the side of the road.
3. Please DO NOT park along Wharf Road, so that we can leave the sides of the road clear for us to stand or lie down along the edges. AGAIN WE WILL NOT BE LYING IN THE ROAD. This is intended as a safe and peaceful gathering. Please park ahead of time at the Stone Pier or along South Road on the eastbound side, with the usual courtesy to neighbors with homes there.
4. Please bring a candle and something to light it with, but also bring a flashlight in case the wind has other plans for us.
5. Two lights will swing for several seconds at the beginning and at the end to signify the 9 minutes.
6. If you have any signs that you wish to bring, by all means feel free to do so.
7. Please DO NOT bring food or beverages. This is not a party.
8. Many people who are not able to be at Wharf Road have asked if a photo might be able to be taken. We will do so. FOR THOSE PARTICIPATING IN OTHER PLACES, IF YOU CAN AND WISH TO TAKE A PICTURE TO SHARE WITH US LATER, PLEASE DO SO. But do what feels right to you as to how you wish to engage with this.
Again, those of us who are involved in the planning of this gathering hope that this is an important time to step outside of our personal comfort and privilege to recognize and show support, compassion, and memory for those without that same privilege. We can join together in solidarity and compassion for lives lost and violence endured. Special thank you (in alpha order) to Eliza Jane Adams, Bea Crossman and May Hall, Kevin and Polly Wentworth, and Melissa Yosua-Davis and the Chebeague Island UMC.