The Chebeague Resilience Project


Resilience is the ability to endure or bounce back from adverse conditions.  What makes us a resilient people? Some may say it is because of the power of positive thinking, while others suggest keeping busy makes us a resilient people.  


       Creating something can be a positive experience, and it keeps us busy!


During this time of self-isolation, the
Chebeague Island Historical Society

is challenging all of us who are gathered here on the island

to let those creative juices flow and create!


When we come out on the other side of the pandemic, the CIHS will display our creations at the Museum as a way to celebrate our ability to be resilient as individuals and as community.



 Creativity has many forms.  From the visual and performing arts to music and the practical arts, to writing and photography, there are many ways we express ourselves. Some folks may stick with a familiar medium, while others may try something new.  For some it may be finishing up a box full of half finished projects, while others may have wanted to learn a new skill but never had the time.  Right now we have time.  Looking at the world today as half full, rather than half empty, is good for the soul!


Sharing what we create during our time apart will bring us closer together.   The Museum has very high walls in the lobby - a perfect place to hang art of any medium.  The CIHS has monitors to show performance videos, and it has the capability to publish the printed word.


Guidelines are simple.  If you create it on Chebeague during our time of social distancing it qualifies. Because of space limitations, projects that hang on the wall must be 20x20 or less; projects such as music or drama must be 5 minutes or less; and writing projects must be 750 words or less.


Examples of projects include:  paintings, drawings, collages, mobiles, garments, ornaments, wall hangings, photography, music, skits, poetry readings, essays, flash fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and more.


Visual and Practical Art Mediums of any kind including but not limited to: paper, canvas, fabric, fiber, wood, glass, metal, or clay made on Chebeague. (Ready to hang)


Music and Performing Arts original or borrowed; solo or group - performed on Chebeague. (Submitted on a flash drive)


Writings in any style/subject that are written on Chebeague during the pandemic.

Submitted via email:



Whether you are improving your skills or challenging yourself to try something new have fun, share your creations, and inspire your friends!


For more information Email: