Greetings to all on this historic day.

Exactly 152 years ago, a few hundred bold women and men gathered in upstate New York to discuss the rights of women. Their most radical demand: the right to vote. Newspaper editorials called the convention “unwomanly.” The demand, ridiculous.

Which leads to news of my exciting new project.

As many of you know, August 26th will mark the 100th anniversary of woman suffrage. It took more than seven decades of struggle for women to win the right to vote. And this anniversary comes during a pivotal election that may well hinge on the women’s vote.

So my pal Lynn Sherr and I are going to raise a toast---or actually a microphone---in honor of the 19th amendment.

Our podcast is called She Votes! You can listen to the trailer here. The first episode drops Wednesday and you’ll get an update when that happens.

She Votes! is an 8-part audio documentary that digs into the complex history of the women’s suffrage movement with all its glory and shortcomings. From the first demands to speak on public matters by antislavery activists in 1837, through the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention for women’s rights, to the drama of the final passage in 1920 and beyond. We’re telling the story of a movement that carries so much relevance and importance today. We explore issues of gender and race, generational conflicts, power and politics. Lynn and I also connect our own ceiling-crashing careers to the struggles of our foremothers. With gratitude.

Oh – and a special treat: Listen for the great Christine Baranski channeling Susan B. Anthony!

As part of the excitement, Lynn and I joined Alan Alda on his engaging podcast to talk about She Votes! and the approaching centennial.

We’d love if you could listen to She Votes! and help us get the word out! This is a whole new world for us---complete with a pandemic studio in our closets----and enjoying building an audience that matches those for our columns and broadcasts. There are a few ways to support the show—all completely free. Won’t cost you a cent. Pick any or all:

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Thanks muchly for your support for a story and a movement that we are still fighting for today.

As the suffragists always said,