Dear Neighbors:

It is hard to believe that 34 years have gone by since we sat down with Blanchard Bates, Mabel Doughty, and Bill Swann and tried to figure out how we could preserve some of Chebeague’s open space, shore access, and the network of old cart roads that traverse the island.  We joined with some folks on the mainland and founded the Cumberland Mainland and Islands Trust (now the Chebeague and Cumberland Land Trust). Preserving access to and along Roses Beach was our first project.  Since then projects have included the purchase of Stockman Island; access to Deer Point; a trail to the water and six acres of land at the Curit Property; access to Chandler’s Cove Beach and its adjoining cemetery; access to Little Chebeague and 25 acres of neighboring land; Chandler Preserve; access via the Gray Path to the Back Shore; and recently the donation of the Durgin Trail that connects Roy Hill Road and Littlefield Road and serves as an entrance to the network of trails that traverse what is known to some as Parkers Woods and to others as Littlefield Woods.

We were so excited when we learned that the Chebeague and Cumberland Land Trust is in the process of buying 25 acres of Parkers/Littlefield Woods, which includes many of the old cart roads that have been used for generations.  In addition, the various cellar holes tell the story of a family hamlet complete with a “haunted” cellar and a church foundation that represents a schism in the religious history of the island.   While the built landscape is important, the century old forest is home to various animals and birds, including ravens. 

The Trust needs to raise $180,000 before April 2021 in order to purchase the property.  While they are well on their way, they still have a ways to go.  The woods and trails will be a resource not just for us but for generations to come.  We want our descendants to have the same opportunity that we have had to roam the woods, follow the trails, and imagine what life on Chebeague was like when the stone walls were built.

Please join us in supporting the conservation of this important parcel of land located in the heart of the island.  It would be wonderful if each of us could give what we can, and then the woods and trails would truly belong to all of us.


Michael Porter, Beverly Johnson, and Donna Damon

Contributions may be sent to :      Chebeague and Cumberland Land Trust
                                                            Littlefield Woods Project
                                                            371 Tuttle Rd. #2
                                                           Cumberland ME 04021 

Click here to see the CCLT brochure "Campaign to Protect Littlefield Woods"       

Walking the trails of Littlefield Woods
Photo of Ravens taken on the edge of Littlefield Woods Raven's Nest photo taken 2009

Vernal Pool and salamander eggs found!
Edible Mushrooms found by the Old Parker House Chestnut Tree

1871 map and to the right the section showing the Hamlet of Littlefield Woods showing where the Protestant Methodist Church (P.M.Ch.) was and was eventually taken apart and rebuilt as the Ridgeway's House.