Chebeague UMC and Chebundance!

May 31, 2021

To the Donors, Patrons and Friends of the Chebeague Island Food Pantry, After 15 months of ordering and serving fresh food, the decision was made to stop providing weekly and monthly open door service at the Parish House.  

The needs for food supply have changed as folks are now able to travel more freely to get groceries.  Should situations arise where challenges create difficulty accessing food the Food Pantry is prepared to support individuals and families.

Financial support in the form of Hannafords gift cards as well as access to local foods and other staples will continue to be available for those in need.  For those who still feel cautious about going to the grocery store there is the option of using Hannafords to Go and having John Wilkinson pick up and put the items on the boat. John's number is (207) 671-8305.  

We are aware of a couple of online delivery services with Whole Food and Native Maine Direct  and Kel Hanley (814) 876-6792 or Polly Wentworth (207) 233-8382 will be happy to assist you in setting up an online account.

If you are in need or know of someone who is please contact Denise Hamilton the Church representative for the Food Pantry at (207)838-6107.

Serving the Chebeague Island Community during such a challenging time has been a labor of love.   We as a group have bonded through this experience and are so grateful to live in a community where people support one another in so many different ways. 
With gratitude for the flow of  CHEBUNDANCE 🙏😇❤

Denise, Polly, Kel, Kendra, Vicki, Jessie and Barry