21 Reasons

CRC and other Island organizations and entities are part of the Casco Bay Region "21 Reasons" program.  This is the result of a federal grant to help tackle the problems that stem from underage drinking of alcohol with a focus on supporting the communities that support teens.  The Rec Director, Tracy Quadro, is on the 21 Reasons Steering Committee, and is looking for volunteers to help develop the program to suit our needs here in the community.  Ideally, we would like someone on the committee from every sector of the island who works with kids or sells alcohol: parents, medical professionals, school personnel, town workers, retailers, etc. If you are interested in joining, helping or have questions, please contact Tracy at 846-5068.  21 Reasons will be posting a "Tip of the Month" in various places on the island.  October "tip of the month":
·       Did you know? 
MYTH:  "It's okay as long as they don't drive.  Most teen alcohol-related deaths are from drinking and driving." 
REALITY:  Only one-third of underage drinking deaths involve auto crashes.  The remaining two-thirds involve alcohol poisoning, homicides, suicides, and unintentional injuries such as burns, drowning and falls.
·        Do you have a minute this month?  Thank store clerks when you see them card someone who is buying alcohol.

·        Want to learn more?  Visit our website at www.21reasons.org