Job Posting: Chebeague Recreation Center "Youth Director"
In addition to our recent posting for Recreation Director, we are looking for a Youth Director.  A job description and proposed schedule are shown below.  If you are interested in this position, or would like to learn more, please contact Bob Libby or Bob Earnest at work or at home.  We will accept applications until October 5, 2005.
Phone number at the Rec is 846-5068.
Job Description: Youth Director at CRC
Job Title:                      Youth Director
Classification:                Part-time, year round
Reports to:                   Recreation Director                             
Hours:  Wednesday 11-4:30 (winter) 1:30-10 (summer); Saturday afternoon and evening (winter); plus one weeknight summer; plus other hours to equal 20 winter, 24 summer.
· With Recreation Director, develop & plan scheduled events and programming for young children, teens and preteens, such as:
Service learning programs
For contributions to worthy causes.
For the use of each youth group for worthy causes.
Recreation activities (hiking, rafting, pool parties).
Social events.
Teen Leadership program (with Hyde School).
· Refine and maintain policies and procedures for youth programming.
· Maintain records for youth programming (attendance, age trends, etc).
· Provide regular reports to staff meetings and to the Board.
· Implement and enforce all youth program policies and procedures.
· Maintain equipment in Teen Center by working with the teens to preserve what we have, and by periodic reordering.
· Provide staff (paid or volunteer) to insure that one chaperone is on duty at all Teen Center and Preteen Center scheduled times during the school year, and two chaperones are on duty during the summer.
· Design and implement training for Teen Center chaperones.
· Serve as staff person at Teen Center 1 night per week during the school year, and 2 nights per week in the summer.
· Serve as staff person at Preteen Center 1 weekend afternoon during the school year, and 1 night per week during the summer.
· Assist in the design and implementation of Rec Center fundraisers.
· Contribute to public relations efforts including Calendar entries, newsletter, and press releases.
· Serve on CRC committees as needed.
· Lead the annual effort to recruit and fund one or more summer interns.
· Attend all Board meetings.
· Other Duties as they arise.