Chebeague Recreation Center

Winter Carnival
Polar Bear Plunge
February 15, 2014 12:00


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HOW TO PARTICIPATE: All you need is the desire to go for a swim when the weather could be below zero and the water a balmy 32ยบ! Oh, yes and then you get at least $40 in pledges (or registration) before February 15th or $50 after and hopefully people will give you a lot more because you are so brave! You need to fill out a waiver sheet as well.

WHAT DO YOU GET: The satisfaction of helping out the CRC's dedication to the teens on the island. Watching all the bystanders get a thrill out of your going in the water. You also will get Chebeague Island Towel for at least $100 in pledges. You get to eat for free at the Chili, Chowder, Soup Challenge!!

WHEN AND WHERE: 12, February 15th at the Niblic (Boat Yard) Please be there 1/2 hour before.

Waiver Form

Pledge Sheets

(Pledge sheet in doc form)

Call the Rec 846-5068 or email crc@chebeague.nettowel