Upcoming Programs for January at The Kids Place
Come and join the fun!!! If anyone is interested in sharing a craft, or
helping out with a craft that is listed here please e-mail:

3:30 to 5:00 Tuesday and Fridays

Tuesday January 6th- floor hockey

Friday January 9th- beading (necklaces and bracelets)

Tuesday January 12th- basketball

Friday January 16th- marshmallow construction- build buildings,
structures, bridges or whatever you can think of with marshmallows and
tooth picks

Monday January 19th MLK Day- Come and make Peace Dove window hangings,
play games in the gym and enjoy some hot chocolate. Play in the snow if
there is any! We will operate our normal hours. Please call or e mail by
Friday January 16th to reserve a spot for MLK Day

Tuesday January 20- Soccer

Friday January 23rd- Lego club! Come and build with Legos. Let your
imagination lead the way!!

Tuesday January 27th- wiffleball, with some adult pitching, all underhand

Friday January 30th- Cloth collage. Come and make an awesome collage with
scraps of fabric and material.