Now Accepting Applications: Recreation Director at CRC


The Chebeague Recreation Center is looking for applicants to fulfill the duties of the current Recreation Director.  The potential opening (we¹ll know for sure on June 2) could be filled by one full time employee or two part time employees, or some other combination; we want to be flexible in order to find the best person (or persons).  It would be great if we could find people on Chebeague who are qualified and interested.


We plan to begin interviews on June 3.  Resumes should be submitted to Beth Dyer by that date.


Responsibilities include:

·      Development, planning, scheduling, staffing and supervision of all recreational programming with assistance from appropriate Board committees and in conjunction with other Directors (Pool, Administrative).

·      Development of program budgets, descriptions, schedules, and registration forms.

·      Development, production and distribution of quarterly program brochures.


A full job description is available by email from Beth Dyer



Currently the Recreation Director is a full time position with a traditional 8 to 5 schedule, plus attendance at some other activities and events.  And, we try to employ part time staff to serve during evening hours for Teen Center and for other activities.


As we look ahead, we are interested in exploring alternative staffing plans to accomplish the goals of the Recreation Center.  If you are interested – full time or part time – please let us know!


One alternative would be a 30 hour per week ³Program Director² year round, plus a 40 hour per week ³Camps Director² during the summer.  This approach might include the Program Director organizing the programs, supported by the Camps Director who would be the hands on person for Camp Chebeague and other summer programs.  This approach acknowledges the degree to which CRC gets very busy during the summer.


This is only one idea that we¹ve discussed.  If you have other ideas, we would love to hear them.


If you or someone you know are interested in such a position, and/or if you have other creative ideas on how we might best staff these functions at CRC, please contact Beth at




Chebeague Recreation Center