Town of Chebeague Island


Comprehensive Planning Committee Meeting

Monday January 14, 2008

at 7:15 at the Hall




1. Introduction

2. Election of Chair

3. Election of Secretary

4. Subcommittees

5. Time-line for planning process

6. Meeting schedule

7. Scheduling of presentation from Ruta Dzenis, State Planning Office

8. Other business





Planning Board Meeting

Thursday January 17, 2008

at 7:15 at the Hall



Tentative Agenda


1. Minutes of Dec 20 meeting


2. Review of findings of fact for a minor site plan for drainage and parking improvements on Wharf Road, Chebeague Island, Map I04 Lot 64 and Wharf Road ROW. Applicant: Town of Chebeague Island.


3. Review RFP for consultant for the Comprehensive Plan


4. Other business