Public Notice


Planning Board Public Hearing


Thursday April 24, 2008


7:15 PM at Hall


To discuss proposed changes to the town of Chebeague Island Zoning Ordinance:


Item 1

For the discussion and further review of the language:

415.1.b in the zoning and land use ordinance, regarding a proposed change from:

 ³In the case of a home occupation, no more than two employees who are not members of the family are employed in the occupation and;²


³In the case of a home occupation, no more than two employees who are not members of the family may be employed at any given time in the operation and;²


Item 2

Proposal to allow mobile food service establishments as a permitted use in both island districts as section 436 of the zoning regulations subject to the proposed following language:


Mobile Food Service Establishments

All mobile food service units shall be operated from a permanent base station which shall be considered part of the food service establishment for the purposes of determining compliance with this article.   The mobile unit and the base station shall comply with all of the requirements of the victualerıs ordinance. 


Driverıs compartment: Mobile units shall have a driverıs compartment separate from all food preparation, service or storage areas by a complete partition or adequate screening.  No food, food containers or utensils shall be kept in the driverıs compartment.


Water Supply:  Mobile units shall be equipped with a storage tank containing a sufficient supply of fresh potable water and having a capacity of not less than twenty (20) gallons.  Facilities for heating water shall be sufficient to supply at least ten (10) gallons of hot running water at a temperature of at least one hundred and thirty (130) degrees Fahrenheit at all times.


Waste Disposal

Mobile units shall have a liquid waste collection tank capacity equal to the total capacity of the potable hot and cold storage tanks.  Sufficient rubbish containers shall be provided on the exterior of the unit for discards by customers.