Agenda of the meeting of the Town of Chebeague Island Comprehensive Planning Committee, Thursday January 31, 2008 at 7:15 at the Hall


1.  Minutes of the meeting of January 14, 2008

2.  Election of Chair(s)

3.  Election of Secretary

4.  How many and what subcommittees?

5.  Meeting schedule

            For Comp Planning Committee

            For subcommittees

6.  When should we have a presentation by Ruta Dzenis, our liaison at the State Planning


7.  RFP for consultant

8.  Other business




Contact information for members of the Comprehensive Planning Committee

Possible Topics and Committees

Request for Proposals for consultant


Brief minutes may be sent before the meeting



List of material passed out at the last meeting:

Howe, An Introduction to Comprehensive Planning for the Town of Chebeague Island

Richert and Most, Comprehensive Planning: A Manual for Maine Communities,

3 chapters

Chebeague Island Long Range Plan 5/2/02

Island Institute, Island Indicators

List of Town of Chebeague Island GIS Data Layers

Blank base map