Town of Chebeague Island


Press release:


FROM:           The Chebeague Board of Selectmen

RE:                  Resignation of Town Administrator Ron Grenier

DATE:            February 21, 2008



It is with deep regrets that the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Chebeague Island accepted the voluntary resignation of Town Administrator Ron Grenier on February 20, 2008. He will be working until March 15th.


Mr. Grenier has served the Town well during the Transition process of developing the structure of the new Town and during its first year of operation. Thanks to Mr. Grenieršs financial expertise, the Town of Chebeague is staffed and on sound financial footing. Mr. Grenieršs efforts for the Town include the development and the organization of Chebeaguešs first warrant and town meeting on July 1, 2007.  In addition, he was instrumental in the procurement of a tax anticipation note and funding for the Townšs long-term debt through the Maine Bond Bank.  The 2009 draft budgets for each department have been developed and budget workshops scheduled. The Town of Chebeague is in a good place thanks to Mr. Grenier.


Traveling to the island this winter with numerous snowstorms and northeast gales has been difficult for Grenier who lives in Damariscotta, who hopes to work closer to home in the future.


Grenier has seen the Town of Chebeague Island through an exciting time and will be missed by the people of Chebeague.