TAX BILLS GOING OUT THIS WEEK: The second round of tax bills will be forthcoming this week. Please read the following information carefully. If you have any questions or require further clarification feel free to call Susan Campbell, the Town Tax Collector at 846 -3148.


Notification to Mortgagor: If you have been escrowing your property taxes with your mortgage lender, you are responsible for notifying your lender that property taxes have to be remitted to the Town of Chebeague Island.


Remittance of Taxes for Non-escrow Taxpayers:


Option #1: Mail check to the Town. Enclose remittance coupon which appears at the bottom of your bill (see scissor line). You may also feel free to drop your payment off at the town office.


Option #2: Mail the remittance coupon. Check the address shown on the bill. (Town of Chebeague Island, P.O. Box, 16007, Lewiston, Maine (04243 - 9584). This is a lock box address for TD Bank North. The bank opens and records your payment and the funds are electronically deposited into the townıs account.


Interest Charge for Late Payments: The Townıs policy is to charge a 12% interest rate to residents who pay their taxes after the 3-31-08 due date.


Questions About Your Assessed Property: The Town of Cumberlandıs Assessor, Bill Healey, still remains the Town of Chebeague Islandıs assessor until the Board of Selectmen appoint their own. If you have questions pertaining to the assessed value or information about your specific property or parcelıs value, you will need to call him directly at 829-5559, not the Town Office! When a new Town Assessor is appointed we will notify the community accordingly.


Personal Property Bill: Some taxpayers will also be receiving another bill for their personal property taxes along with their real estate bill.