Committee Attendees:  Bev Johnson, Mary Holt, Donna Damon, David Hill, Melissa Yosua-Davis, Leila Bisharat, Eliza Jane Adams, at large; Denise Hamilton, Library; Marjorie Stratton, Town; Erika Neumann, Communications; Polly Wentworth, CBL; Carol Sabasteanski, CTC

Public Attendees: John Holt, Donna Colbeth, Glen Sanokklis, (Manager Chebeague Inn)


Call to order: 2:05 PM


Minutes of April 21st Meeting:  No discussion, Bev Johnson moved acceptance; David Hill seconded - Unanimous


Glen Sanokklis - Chebeague Inn Update: The InnÕs staff have quarantined for a month in Kennebunk since arriving in Maine from Florida.  The Inn plans to have their staff arrive on the island by May 10. They will quarantine for 14 days in the various places where they are housed.  All of the food for the workers will be provided by the Inn.  They will be transported on the InnÕs boat and will be self-sufficient. They will not be using the store or the food pantry. They will be self-sufficient. The staff will sign a written agreement to adhere to the rules.  If the season doesnÕt pick up some staff will be sent home.


Glen discussed the issues related to trying to open.  He is unsure which activities will begin when.  Many weddings have been cancelled.  The Governor mentioned that only Maine residents will be allowed to stay in Maine lodging establishments in June. There has been some thought of the Inn providing curbside meals.  No firm plan.


It was noted that Towns can establish rules that are stricter than the state rules, although Chebeague has yet to do this. Glen was referred to MarjorieÕs latest letter to the community.


Committee members thanked Glen for wanting to keep the island safe and reaching out to the committee.


Carol - CTC: CTC is still trying to determine when to make changes to the current schedule etc. Erika commended CTC for how CTC has responded during the pandemic. She wondered how the pandemic had impacted CTC. Carol reported that at this time of year the boat carried an average of 20/21 passengers; now CTC has an average of 6 passengers per trip. Carol thanked Erika for donating some N95 masks.


Eliza Jane – CRC:  CRC received a PPA grant so they have been able to keep Cory, Laura, and Steve employed.


Donna – BOS: Things have settled down so the Selectmen have returned to 2 meetings a month. Town Meeting will take place in July.


Leila suggested that we invite the Golf Club, Yacht Club, and Tennis Club to send representatives to the CART meetings, because it looks as if the pandemic will impact the summer. We need input from these island partners.  Donna will follow-up and invite representatives from those organizations.


Erika and Eliza Jane- Mental Health:   Several islanders have agreed to serve as resources if folks are struggling.  The subcommittee shared a draft that will be refined and will be posted on the WEB and around the island.


Erika and Leila - Communications: MarjorieÕs latest letter was well received. The committee is working on a draft FAQs.  It is a work in progress because of the new directives from the Governor. Should there be a Town of Chebeague version?  Questions arose re: if Maine residents had to quarantine when the move within the State. Marjorie will research.

Eliza Jane – July 4th: Picnic and road race have been cancelled.  Discussion ensued re: can we have a parade? Many ideas were shared.  Is it possible to have a parade and adhere to social distancing guidelines? Eliza will report back.


Social distancing on the Wharves: Carol mentioned that Ottos will be delivering 100 pizzas on Wednesday April 22. Leila mentioned that Suhail was making a sign to help control traffic. Marjorie reported that Casco Bay Lines is concerned about the behavior of residents who are picking up groceries at ChandlerÕs Cove Wharf. Marjorie will be monitoring and creating a plan to control traffic and give the freight people (Store, UPS, Mail) priority.  Then others will line up and pick up their freight in an orderly manner. She will make signs for Chandlers. The Committee recommended that a Town employee be at the wharf to control traffic.


Donna – Maine Island Coalition:  Donna reported that the MIC wants input regarding health care needs and communicating the GovernorÕs orders. There will be a Zoom meeting on Friday May 1. Discussion included comments about workplaces where folks werenÕt wearing masks and how do we deal with this issue.  Are we brave enough to address individuals?


The GovernorÕs new orders need to be simply and clearly presented.  Carol mentioned that if or when the bus runs again, riders will have to wear masks.


There was some confusion re: if people who are in Maine have to quarantine when they come to Chebeague. Marjorie will clarify this issue. Donna suggested that the Communications team remind people who are coming here to bring plenty of supplies with them and provide a list of suggestions.   


Melissa left the meeting at 3:34 pm.  She will not be at the next meeting.


Other Business:

Finger oxygen gauges were discussed.  Denise mentioned that some of them are not as accurate.


Carol shared that John Wilkinson is willing to shop for islanders for tips.


At 3:40 Leila moved to adjourn and Denise seconded. Unanimous


Note takers: Mary Holt/Donna Damon



Next Meeting: May 5, 2020 - Town Zoom at 2 pm