CART Minutes August 11, 2020

Committee Attendees: Melissa Yosua-Davis, Bev Johnson, Donna Damon, David Hill, Ann Kirkpatrick, School; Polly Wentworth, CBL; Kip Webb, Commons; Carol Sabasteanski, CTC; Michael Porter, Yacht Club.

Erika Neumann CC, Eliza Jane Adams, CA: ex officio

Public Attendees: Nancy Earnest, Chip Emery, Donna Colbeth, Nancy Hill, Gretchen Tonks-Hartling, Bill Danielson, Jackie Trask,


Melissa called the meeting to order at 2:02 PM.


Minutes of August 7 accepted.




CTC:  Carol reminded folks that the CTC Annual Meeting would take place via Zoom on August 15 at 9 AM via Zoom. Proxies/votes need to be at the CTC office by 4 PM on August 25 to be counted. Carol discussed the challenges facing the Cousins Lot because islanders are staying home. Because so few cars are moved there is no room for transients. Parking stickers go to year-round residents (9 months) and to those with medical issues. Year-round daytime passes are sold to the school, regular workers, fishermen and Yarmouth residents per agreement. Bottom line the lot is full!


Communications:  Erika reported that they had created another update. She thanked Carol for an email blast and reported that the return rate of the survey has been exceptional.


CRC: Eliza Jane reported that CRC had two outside fundraisers planned.!. Richard Hackel will display his 125 foot photo depicting the Chebeague shore from the water.  2. The Westenders will play a volunteer concert on Volunteer Field.  Attendees will be socially distanced by circles. Michael Porter offered his 41Ó plotter if folks need to make signs. Polly asked if the CRC could offer programs for the kids in the fall who only go to school 2 days a week.


Testing: Kip reported that they have had 60 calls - some to discuss Covid issues; 44 have been test; 5 positives; no outbreaks.  They have switched from Quest to Me State Lab.  Turn around time for some less than 36 hrs! Sustainability plan is being developed.  Policies and procedures being updates.  Long Island is exploring this type of program.  Working Waterfront may cover this program. Kip is proud of the public health discourse.  People are wearing more masks since June. The following have volunteered to take samples to the Mainland. Michael Porter, Pat Murray, Donna Damon, Leila Bisharat; Peter Rice; Nancy Hill. Kips messageÓ We have plenty of supplies – if you arenŐt feeling well, ask for a test.


School: Ann reported that she and SORT have been meeting to plan the new school year. A plan is in the works.


Grant: Donna reported that Erika and Eliza had been hired to lead the Covid effort. They will attend the CART meetings ex officio. Donna and David will be reworking the Grant. Because of the late hiring time, we will be able to contribute some money to help fund EMS Decontamination room.


Eliza reported that she is checking in with the non-profits on specific needs.  She is hiring teen ambassadors who will work in pairs on the playground and the Cousins Wharf. She wants to use the money responsibly to help the Town budget. She will do the ordering and provide the invoices to Marjorie. 


Michael mentioned that no one on Hamilton Beach wears masks and are close together. Folks donŐt need to wear masks outside if part of a pod and stay away from others.


Donna thanked Erika and Eliza for stepping up!

David moved and Michael seconded.  Adjourned.


Next CART Meeting Tuesday, August 25 at 2pm on Zoom