CART Minutes July 14, 2020


Committee Attendees: Melissa Yosua-Davis, Bev Johnson, Mary Holt, Donna Damon, David Hill, Leila Bisharat, Erika Neumann CC, Eliza Jane Adams, AL; Marjorie Stratton, Town; Polly Wentworth, CBL: GCGC; Ann Kirkpatrick, School; Kip Webb, Commons; Carol Sabasteanski, CTC;

Public Attendees: Chip Emery, Donna Colbeth, Sarah VanFleet, Ann Trower, John Holt, Jenny Hackel, Ann Trower, Nancy Hill, Carol Springer, Gretchen Tonks-Hartling


Melissa called the meeting to order at 2:07 PM.


Internet down.  Many people on phones.


David moved the adoption of the minutes and Donna D. seconded. Unanimous.




CRC: Eliza reported that folks have applied for the KidŐs Place job; July Day Camp has been cancelled; when fitness room opens it will be by appointment; and Golf Camp is happening.


CIHS: Donna reported that Beth McNulty has created an online store.  This is really important because the CIHS depends on the income from the store to pay overhead at the Museum. Orders can be curbside or shipped if off island.


Island Council: Jenny reported that the visiting nurse will not be doing Covid Testing.  Folks should contact their providers, if they are asymptomatic and donŐt qualify for on island testing program (exposed is high risk or if symptoms present).


CTC:  Carol thanked Eliza for a great sign at Cousins Island. There have been only a couple of extra trips needed since the passenger limit increased to 32.  Some passengers have had a problem getting their tickets in advanced and have charged but not paid so CTC sent out more than 70 invoices in June! Erika commended CTC for doing a great job and is concerned about the loss of revenue.  Carol reported that the Company is down $355,000.  Usually they are in the positive by now.  Ridership is down 49% from January to June. No daily parking fees but barging is up! Carol explained that we arenŐt running the 2 PM boat because the crew needs a break per the Coast Guard as part of their approval to let the company run daily with one team and no deckhand on the upper deck.


Carol reported that there are some problems on the Cousins Wharf when two trips have to be made.  She thanked Polly for giving up her space so someone who had worked all night and had lots of groceries could go on the first trip. Many ideas were shared.  Most folks seemed to agree that if there were issues other passengers needed to be made aware and in most instances people do the right thing. Folks need to be kind and civil.


Erika stated that CTC, CART, Testing Team and Food Pantry have contributed so much to the COVID effort.


Keep Maine Healthy Grant: David reported that the internet issues were holding him up from completing the final paperwork, but he expected it to be finished as soon as he can get online and contact the State resources. Donna mentioned that the Covid Communicator will not be a contracted position as originally thought. No one had any questions about the various job descriptions.  Donna and David hope to get the go ahead at the next BOS meeting to advertise. We are nearly through July so we need to fill these positions as soon as possible. Programs such as the playground need to be adressed.  Erika mentioned that YarmouthŐs Covid Committee would like to work with CART. Eliza thanked Donna and David for their work and urged the folks to tune in to the BOS meeting.


Testing Group: Nearly 20 tests were conducted after the recent Covid exposure. It was successful but they are working to make it even better. Polly suggested that if you want a rapid test you should call your provider.


Communications Update: Chip suggested that a short film be created to address the issue related to who goes on the first trip if 2 are necessary.  This led to the continuation of the previous discussion relating to who gets on the first trip at Cousins.  There was a question re: the definition of essential worker. Carol said the CTC crew cannot be policing this issue. The current policy is first come - first served unless a passenger chooses to give up their spot as Polly did.


Melissa asked if the committee felt that we should go to a two-week schedule.  No vote was taken and folks had various ideas but the sense of the meeting was that CART will meet next week.


Donna moved to adjourn; David Seconded. Unanimous.



Next CART Meeting Tuesday, July 21 at 2pm on Zoom.