CART Minutes July 28, 2020


Committee Attendees: Melissa Yosua-Davis, Bev Johnson, Mary Holt, Donna Damon, David Hill, Eliza Jane Adams, AL; Ann Kirkpatrick, School; Kip Webb, Commons; Michael Porter, Yacht Club; Marjorie Stratton TOC; Polly Wentworth CBL;

Public Attendees: Chip Emery, Donna Colbeth, Jackie Trask, John Holt, Nancy Hill,


Melissa called the meeting to order at 2:05 PM.


Minutes of July 12 accepted as amended (M. Porter had been left off attendance list).



CTC:  David reported for Carol.  CTC is selling tickets online.


CBL: Polly reported that CBL has a voice enunciator that is repeating Covid messages at CBL Terminal.  The captain repeats the rules, and Covid Ambassadors reinforce them on the boat.


CUMC: Polly reported re: Masks: she will post signs at the PO and Store that say:  ÓIf you need masks call PollyÓ. Julie will have a supply inside the Store. The Food Pantry hopes to utilize local farms. They also plan to reach out to local gardeners for surplus produce.


CRC: Eliza reported that KidŐs Place has hired a teacher and that housing has been secured for the Island Fellow.


Testing Group: Kip reported that as many as 26 people were exposed to Covid by attending an event over July 4 weekend. 1 person tested positive. It took too long to get results from Quest Lab. 2nd big testing went to the Maine Environmental Health and Testing Lab in Augusta. Results, all negative, came back within 4 days.

Kip mentioned that rapid tests are only about 50% accurate.

~Kip needs volunteers to help with getting the specimens to the Courier in Falmouth. Eliza volunteered her son Tim; Tom Calder was suggested; Donna D. also volunteered.  A sign-up sheet was suggested. The specimens are taken on the 10 AM boat to a courier on Rt. 1 in Falmouth who then takes it to Augusta. There is no risk to the carrier; all paperwork is completed by the testing team.  So far there has been only 1 run per week.  30 tests have been completed. Melissa suggested that those who were willing could email Kip.


Grants: Donna reported that to date two people have applied to be the Communicator, while 1 person has applied to be the Administrator. One person is willing to do any of the three. Donna noted that the job descriptions may be tweaked as the needs are assessed. Marjorie was concerned that we need to hire the Coordinator to make sure the reports are filed on time. Record keeping is a key component of the CoordinatorŐs position. Donna will call the CDC office and see if multiple reports can be filed at the same time. Marjorie will check with Ann to see if the grants received by the school will cover what they asked for in the Keep Maine Healthy Grant. Marjorie reminded everyone that two grants canŐt cover the same materials. Donna and David said that there is flexibility re: supplies.  They were not tied to individual organizations.


Listening Session:  Melissa reported that the Listening series has been paused. The team (Melissa, Marjorie, Polly, Chip, Jim, Leila, Kip, Eliza, George Bates and Alex Kern) realized that many people including they, themselves were tired. The whole island is carrying anxiety and exhaustion.  People have various needs: some are concerned, others are anxious, and some are burned out and tired, while others feel that people who are concerned are overreacting and that the risks are low. The Listening Team will wait to see the results of the survey. Donna mentioned that we all need a listening session, no matter what oneŐs concernŐs might be! 


Michael Porter moved and David Hill Seconded to adjourn.  Unanimous. Meeting adjourned 3:05 PM.


Next CART Meeting Tuesday, August 11 at 2pm on Zoom