CART Minutes June 16, 2020


Committee Attendees: Bev Johnson, Mary Holt, Donna Damon, David Hill, Leila Bisharat, Eliza Jane Adams, AL; Marjorie Stratton, Town; Polly Wentworth, CBL: Jim Gallager, GCGC; Ann Kirkpatrick, School; Michael Porter, Yacht Club; Kip Webb Commons.

Public Attendees: Bob Earnest, Chip Emery, Donna Colbeth, Nancy Hill, John Holt, CIBY, Nancy Earnest; Jackie Trask


Donna called the meeting to order at 2:05 PM.  She filled in for Melissa.


Donna commented that she had been approached by a resident who felt that the statement “Paul said masks were not required” as recorded in the June 16th minutes was taken out of context. Because we have not been recording CART meetings, it is difficult to provide an accurate context, therefore David moved and Michael seconded that the minutes of June 16th as revised to remove the aforementioned statement from the 6/16 minutes.  Unanimous.


Michael moved to accept the minutes of June 30 and Leila seconded: Unanimous


By consensus it was decided to record all future meetings of CART.


Donna stated that Carol was unable to attend and if anyone has a question re: CTC, they can email her.


Donna observed how few people are riding the boat even on Tuesday, which was a traditional grocery day.


GCGC Update: Jim stated that the GCGC was very quiet and that revenue is evaporating.


CRC Update: Eliza Jane reported that the “Wave Parade” was a success.  More than 50 cars participated.


Sign Update: Eliza J reported that when the grant comes through, she will order more signs related to the following: signs for CTC relating to bus and wharf protocols; playground and field (Polly suggested “Play at your own risk”); 3 large transfer station signs as well as one for the entrance. Marjorie suggested that one sign say “Masks required at Transfer Station per Dump Goddess”.  Marjorie gave the go ahead for the Transfer Station signs.


Testing Update:  Nancy Hill reported that the Testing Team which now includes Jackie Trask, Nancy Hill, and Ann Bowman in addition to Jim, Kip and Jenny, will start testing on Wednesday July 7 on the island.  The person being tested must have symptoms or been exposed to someone who has tested positive. A video re: the testing program will be released soon. Contract tracing will also occur if there is a positive test.


Food Pantry Update: Polly reported that 42 families accessed the Food Pantry on 7/1. 12 of them were summer friends. Jen Corson has asked for volunteers to help with certain tasks. They are writing a grant to Recompense to buy an additional refrigerator for the Parish House so that they can have food available during the week if needed. The Ladies Aid donated an additional $500.  Volunteers should contact Jen, Denise, Polly or Jessie for more information.


CBL Update: Polly reported that there are now 7 boats a day from Portland to Chandlers. This includes an evening boat. CBL has taken a $4.2 million hit.


School Update:  Ann reported that SORT meets for 1 hour on Wed. to plan for the fall schooling.  No decisions yet. A survey was sent to parents PK-12. The State has not taken a position.


Town Update:  Marjorie reported that she was working on the paper work related to the grant and was sending the vendor code information and is waiting to hear. 3 selectmen will have to ok the contract before it can be signed. Donna commented that the job descriptions should be created so that we can advertise as soon as the Grant is accepted. Leila and Eliza Jane volunteered to work with Donna on the job descriptions. Leila noted that the Welcome Kits have been well received. Marjorie will reimburse expenses if folks provide receipts. Leila said that the original letter has been reviewed, and it is still appropriate.  Paint pots have been a hit!


Other business: 

Š      Bev stated that she was happy to post information about the write in candidates.

Š      Donna Mention Gail’s pleas for folks to wear masks; she had a positive interaction with a resident when she explained Gail’s concerns.

Š      David mentioned the Museum’s lecture series and Donna reported that the Museum now has an online store.

Š      Donna will circulate the job descriptions before the next CART meeting.


Michael moved to adjourn and Polly seconded.  Unanimous.  2:49 pm



Next CART Meeting Tuesday, July 14 at 2pm on Zoom.