CART Minutes June 23, 2020

Committee Attendees:Melissa Yosua-Davis; Bev Johnson, Mary Holt, Donna Damon, David Hill, Leila Bisharat, Eliza Jane Adams, AL; Erika Neuman, AL; Ann Kirkpatrick, School; Marjorie Stratton, Town; Carol Sabasteanski, CTC; Tennis; Polly Wentworth, CBL; Michael Porter, Yacht Club; Kip Webb, Commons.

Public Attendees: Donna Colbeth, Jackie Trask, Jenny Hackel, John Holt, Nancy Hill, John Holt, Nancy Hill, Gretchen Tonks-Hartling, John Wilson

Melissa called the meeting to order at 2:04 pm.

The minutes were reviewed.  Leila moved and Eliza seconded to approve. Unanimous.


Items for discussion:

1.     Mask Signs: Eliza Jane presented several alternatives for signs.  The goal is to encourage folks to wear masks. The BOS wants to approve the language. That will take place at the BOS meeting on June 24. The top choices both had a lobster designed by Devan Venkantaraman.

The language choices were:  Masks are required in public spaces, based on CDC Guidelines; Mask required when 6 foot distancing is not possible.

2.     Grant Application: Donna and David discussed the status of the Keep Maine Healthy Grant Application.  If approved the grant would fund the Town’s COVID related expenses through October 2020. The grant was submitted the day before the due date.  David thanked the committee for all of the ideas.  As many ideas as possible/practical were incorporated.  The grant required only a one-page narrative, so it was important to be succinct but specific enough to tie the budget to the programs and supplies. The proposal includes 5 part time positions to help with volunteer and staff burnout and overwork. Donna noted that if approved training will be required. Leila asked Marjorie if the grant will help her.  She replied that she hadn’t been in favor, and it would create more work for the office.  Eliza Jane volunteered to work with the ambassadors if funded.  Melissa asked about the process.  First you spend the money and submit for reimbursement.  Donna noted that the budget could be modified with communication with the State. (Money could be switched from one line to another; e.g. personnel could be shifted to supplies for businesses/non-profits).  David warned that the grant is not a sure thing.  David and Marjorie will keep CART informed.

3.     Testing:  Kip reported that they ( the informal/ unattached test group) have a process in place which means they could act quickly to help respond to an island outbreak.   A test of the system was conducted, and they were able to conduct the test and get it off the island to Quest labs.

4.     Listening Session:  Melissa reported that the final planning meeting for the Listening Session would be 6/23.  The Session will take place on Zoom on June 25. She is working with a team, and it will have about 6 groups. The session will start with opening statements by Melissa and Marjorie. Each team will have two facilitators and a set of questions. The sessions will not be recorded.  There may be a second session later in the summer.

5.     Communications: Leila reported that they have worked on signage, masks, and messaging.  Kip Webb has made a new video “Travelling Safely to Chebeague” that sorted out CDC guidelines. Erika has been working with Marjorie and Bev on updates and election information. Leila said it was well done.

6.     Organizational Updates: 

a.     CTC:  Carol reported that the CTC will be handling freight. The Cousins Lot is packed.  No day parking there. Folks are continuing to arrive/barge in their cars to quarantine. Bus is functioning but not used much yet. 9 seats on bus but families can sit together. Jackie Trask mentioned that she saw 2 adults and two teens not following distancing and other protocols. There is no signage to explain the process. Carol stated that the bus drivers are supposed to instruct the passengers. They have a script.  She asked Jackie if it was happening, and Jackie said it wasn’t happening; not following protocols. Marjorie reported that signs had been ordered for Cousins Island.  It was pointed out that those had to do with distancing and masks.  Donna suggested a sign for Line Up procedures, and David asked Carol to create text for that type of sign.  Donna noted that the sign would be covered if we get the grant. Eliza said that there is a 10 day turn around time.

b.     CRC:  Kip asked if Volunteer Field would be opened because the risks are less than the playground.  Eliza Jane explained that the playground and the field go together and will probably not open until we have a “Covid Ambassador”. There was discussion re: the problems of safely opening Kid’s Place.  Eliza Jane submitted the following report on behalf of CRC.



The Kids' Place - Licensed Child Care Center
Corie Meehan has resigned her position as the Director of Kids' Place.
The Board met with Steve Auffant on Monday to discuss Corie's resignation and determine the next steps. We have personally called each KP family to discuss our current situation.

It is very difficult to determine a timeline for the reopening of Kids' Place, as that will be dependent on finding staff, hiring, and training them. We will hope to find someone with licensed child care experience, as that will speed the process. We are fortunate in that Corie has agreed to return to do training, so we can be assured that quality and safety will not suffer.
Two job postings are available and have gone live on the following sites:

Head Child Care Teacher - Job Posting Links:

Assistant Child Care Teacher - Job Posting Links:

Rec Center Program Updates
Tennis Court - OPEN
Pool - Closed for the season
Restrooms - Closed
Fitness Room - Closed (Re-Open Mid July)
June Day Camp - Tuesdays & Thursdays
July Day Camp - Tuesdays & Thursdays
Farm Camp - CANCELED (Due to Safety Measures)
Golf Camp - Pending 7/27 - 7/31


Meeting adjourned.