CART Minutes June 30, 2020


Committee Attendees: Bev Johnson, Mary Holt, Donna Damon, David Hill, Leila Bisharat, Eliza Jane Adams, AL; Marjorie Stratton, Town; Carol Sabasteanski, CTC; Polly Wentworth, CBL: Kim Venkataramin, Tennis; Kip Webb, Island Commons; Michael Porter,

Public Attendees: Bob Earnest, Nancy Earnest, Chip Emery, Donna Colbeth, Nancy Hill, John Holt, Gretchen Tonks-Hartling, Phil Johnson,


Donna called the meeting to order at 2:05 PM.  She filled in for Melissa.


David Hill moved to accept the minutes and Leila seconded: Unanimous




CTC: Carol reported that the crew is handling freight again.  Bicycles are allowed on the boat on a case by case basis; no bike day tripping. Bus drivers have been told to give instructions to passengers re: what to do when they get to Cousins Island. Masks are required by all who ride the boat unless a person has medical issues. Supplies related to Covid 19 will be needed. 


CRC: Eliza Jane explained the concept and logistics of the Wave Parade scheduled for July 4th. A lobster roll fundraiser was planned for Kid’s Place.  Applications have been received for the job openings at Kid’s Place.


School: Ann described the work of SORT (team planning the opening of school).  A survey has been sent out to families that will help to determine what school will look like in the fall. School property still closed to the public.


Testing:  Kip described the progress of the Testing Program.  Supplies have been procured; islanders with symptoms can be tested as well as those who may have been exposed. Now the program is working with Quest labs but that could change if the State lab is quicker. Leila commended Melissa and the Church for serving as the Testing group’s fiscal manager and Recompense for funding the project. Donna commented that the Church had been a leader in the Covid-19 response. Kip mentioned that he planned to make a video to answer questions from the community. He welcomes folks to send him any questions that they might have related to the pandemic.


Communications:  Leila reported that the Welcome kits were a hit and tare in great demand.  Some of the information needs to be updated.


Town: Marjorie reported that the plexiglass shield at the Town Office has an issue so they are using the voting shields temporarily. The office will be closed on July 3. She updated the Committee on the voting procedures and how to obtain an absentee ballot.


Community Concerns: Donna shared an email from a resident who was very concerned that not everyone who is coming here are following the quarantine/testing rules. A discussion ensued and it was noted that driving from site A- B was safer than flying from A- B. Kip mentioned that every stop along the way is an opportunity for infection. Mary and Bev agreed that we need to be respectful and responsible; be role models; protect ourselves; and avoid folks who may not be following the regulations set forth by the State CDC.  Leila commended Justin Winkel, CTC deckhand, who politely asks people to raise t masks if they want to talk to him. The remainder of the discussion focused on the importance of wearing a mask; washing hands; and keeping at least a 6 ft distance from others especially if someone doesn’t have a mask. Carol mentioned that the folks coming on the barge are taking all of this seriously. Donna commented that she believes that most people are following the rules, but we need to listen to the concerns of residents who are worried. Leila noted that the letter in the welcome packet needs to be updated and should accentuate the requirements for those who arrive and what quarantining and testing mean. Chip felt that our message needed to be stronger to those who are not following the CDC guidelines. Kip suggested reinforcing with a positive message coupled with creativity and humor.  Bev mentioned that it is important to get out as much detail as possible and advocated to include all initiatives.


Listening Session:  Marjorie, a cofacilitator of the event with Melissa, reported that there were more than 50 logins to the event that’s goal was to provide members of the public an opportunity to share feelings and experiences related to Covid-19. Some participants were as far away as Canada and Florida. Eliza Jane shared that she felt every perspective needs to be honored.  There will be a follow up Zoom on July 30. Bob Earnest noted that conversations lead to better understandings. Donna mentioned that feed back from some participants felt that people were “too nice” but they better understood the context of the Chebeague experience in March and April. Kip noted that everyone’s concerns are valid. Conversations may be very different at the end of July than they were in June. He also reminded the group that spread was getting worse in other parts of the country.


Keep Maine Healthy Grant: Donna reported that the Town had received the entire amount of its request $65.00+, but the Town is still waiting for the contract from the State. The BOS will have to vote to accept the grant. We need to develop job descriptions and advertise as soon as possible. Supplies were included for several non-profits and Town departments.  Positions include: 3 Covid ambassadors who will work at the playground, Chandlers Wharf and the Transfer Station; A Covid Communication and a Covid Administrator to supervise staff, track invoices etc. We need to formalize the job descriptions and prepare an advertisement. David mentioned that we were 30th out of 95 Towns that applied. David noted that we need to start the work associate with the Grant and that some staff time will be reimbursed.  Nancy Earnest questioned the concept of a playground ambassador as the position relates to enforcement.   Donna explained that the Playground employee will work with families and children to follow the CDC rules.


Polly voted to adjourn and Eliza Jane seconded.  Unanimous.  3:23 PM





Next Meeting on Zoom.  Tuesday July 7 at 2 PM.