CART Minutes June 9, 2020


Committee Attendees: Bev Johnson, Mary Holt, Donna Damon, David Hill, Leila Bisharat, Eliza Jane Adams, AL;  Erika Neuman, AL;  Ann Kirkpatrick, School; Marjorie Stratton, Town; Carol Sabasteanski, CTC; Polly Wentworth, CBL: Jim Gallagher, GCGC.


Public Attendees: Bob Earnest, Chip Emery,  Donna Colbeth, Gretchen Tonks-Hartling,Jenny Hackel, Jim Cox-Chapman, Nancy Hill, John Holt, Kip Webb, Toby Webb, Stacie Webb


Melissa called the meeting to order at 2:02 PM.  She asked that folks use the chat box if they want to speak.


Minutes approved as revised.



á       July 1st plan as per state

á       Organization updates

á       Listening session

á       Signage


July Plan:

            Marjorie described the GovernorŐs plan: Keep ME Healthy.

Folks from out of state will be allowed to come to Maine without quarantining if they have had a negative COVID test within 72 hrs. of arriving. Many questions were asked regarding how the GovernorŐs plan might impact Chebeague. David Hill wondered if we could receive some funds for public education? Marjorie stated that to date we havenŐt had any expenses. A lengthy discussion ensued re: how we would enforce the GovernorŐs orders for folks avoiding quarantine by testing. Donna had spoken to MMA and it was their opinion that Towns would not be chasing people looking for paperwork.  Although it could be enforced, the order was actually relying on the honor system. Several people had suggestions as to how we could check paper work but the consensus of the group was that we were not equipped to follow up with people.  Various representatives stated that the policies were evolving and that we all needed to do the best we can, but there was no consensus as to what we should do.

Melissa noted that every organization will have to consider ramifications of the reopening orders. Despite members concerns about day trippers, Melissa stated that we canŐt manage what people do personally.  David Hill suggested that we come up with our own rules.


Polly mentioned that CBL wasnŐt planning to add more trips, although they are considering a freight boat. She said that they will not do temperature checks or check paper work.  They do have signage to educate riders.


Erika discussed the concept of a registry.  Members wondered what we would do with the information.

Marjorie mentioned that many folks are voluntarily emailing the Town Office to indicate plans for quarantining. Eventually, the group decided not to pursue the  idea of a registry because of public perception, and no one was sure how the information would be used.  Marjorie said that most people are kind and want to do the right thing.  Messages should be gentle.


The committee focused on signage as one more way to inform the public and articulate the key items that need voluntary compliance.  Donna stated that it was important to make sure information was accurate, and we need to inform people of their options.  Eliza Jane said that most people will do the right thing if they know what that is. Chip suggested that we have a consistent message: wash, mask and distance. Jim CC reinforced ChipŐs point.  Leila asked for input on behalf of the signage team. Erika will take the lead in the signage discussion.


Eliza suggested that the signs need to be comprehensive and may vary based on location. Donna stated that the signs need to look official.  The BOS wants to approve the signs. A suggestion was made that the signs might be reimbursable under the governorŐs plan. 


CTC Update: Carol reported that Yarmouth agreed to let CTC barge Covid quarantine folks on Fridays until July 7.  The Coast Guard has agreed to let the upper deck be used without a deckhand because of the emergency. The boat will now carry 32 passengers. The Crew may start loading freight.  The bus is running but not many passengers. Island residents can bring bikes but not day trippers. CTC has plenty of masks. Polly and Nancy said that folks can call them if they need masks.


Testing Update: Jim CC reported that the Church had agreed to be the fiscal manager for the COVID Testing Project. It is a planning grant to determine a plan to Ňprevent a case from becoming an outbreak.Ó  There was discussion about what a future testing program might look like. The consensus was that this should be a program for folks with symptoms, not people hoping to avoid quarantine. There are places on the mainland for that.  Jenny volunteered to contact the Council to see if they wanted to develop a program for more widespread testing.


Listening Session Update: Melissa reported that the Listening Session would take place on Zoom on  6/25 from 7:30-9 PM. The next planning session will be Saturday June 13 at 7:30 PM to work out the details. The goal is to plant seeds of healing.


Communication Update:  The welcome pack is being well received by folks arriving on the island.  Volunteers are needed to put them together.  Another comprehensive update is being developed.


CRC Update:  Eliza Jane reported about  CRCŐs COVID plan. See attached.


Polly moved to adjourn at 4:05 PM. Jim G seconded. Unanimous.


Next Meeting June 16, 2020 at 2 PM on Zoom