CART Minutes September 10, 2020


Committee Attendees: Melissa Yosua-Davis, Bev Johnson, Mary Holt, Donna Damon, David Hill, Eliza Jane Adams, Marjorie Stratton, Ann Kirkpatrick, Polly Wentworth, Kip Webb, Michael Porter, Sally Crapser,

Public Attendees: Chip Emery, Donna Colbeth, Ann Trower, John Holt, Susan?


Melissa called the meeting to order at 4:06 PM. 


Donna explained that she had misplaced the notes for the meeting of August 28 but hoped that they would rise to the surface and when they did, she would write them up.


CART welcomed Sally Crapser, the new GCGC President.  She is replacing Jim Gallagher. CART also welcomed Kiran Grewel, the new Island Fellow.




Food Pantry: Polly reported that the food pantry would be moving to Sundays from 11:30 -12:30.


Testing:  Kip reported that 100 tests had been conducted with only 5 positives but no out breaks.  Covid had been confined to the those tested. The Press Herald may be writing an article “How an island came together”. Kip and Jim are leaving, and Jenny Hackel will be taking over the testing leadership. Donna commended and thanked Kip and Jim for their leadership. Erika said that the State is interested in our model as is Long Island. Kip reminded everyone that education is as important as testing.


School: Ann reported that she has received positive feedback from parents re: the start of school. Eliza Jane was bus monitor week 1. Miss Nancy is teaching outside most of the time. Kids are doing ok with masks and distancing. They are eating lunch outside. Kip noted that a couple of the boys were seen on the playground afterschool wearing their masks. Nancy Hill made 40 masks for the School.  Thanks Nancy! Each child has their own materials and water bottle.


CRC: Eliza reported that Kiran, the Island Fellow, is a joy and diving into the work! Kids Place is fully staffed.

Steve Auffant has created a new billing system for Kids Place. The DJ Dance party is scheduled for next Wed. on Volunteer Field. Richard Hackel’s photo event was well received. The panels have been saved to show in 2021.


CBL: Polly reported that schedule has changed.  No complaints yet.  It is working for Kathleen Floyd our mail carrier. CBL got a second Cares grant which is helping to continue the service.


CTC: Donna reported for Carol that the schedule has changed and the last boat leaves Cousins at 6:15pm, because they added a school boat mid-day. Carol is concerned about how folks will stay warm on Cousins Island when the freight shed is so small and so few people can socially distance there.


BOS: Donna reported that the BOS unanimously approved the budget revision for the Keep Maine Healthy Grant.  The Fire Dept. is still trying to come up with an affordable Decontamination Room plan.  The BOS voted to donate $4000+ from the grant to the Food Pantry. They also voted for Emery Creative to work with the Town to create an emergency alert system.


Covid Coordinator: Eliza Jane reported that the Covid Ambassadors will be working into the fall. She has worked with Matt Ridgeway to create a trifold brochure, which is welcoming and informative. She has worked with Glen at the Inn to develop Covid protocols if they have events at the Inn.  They had one event and neighbors reported that rules were not followed.  Glen has agreed to give notice of events. Donna thanked Eliza for providing an Ambassador to help with the CIHS Pop up sale. Donna mentioned that CTC and CIHS had received Cares grants.  Eliza is focusing on things that will benefit the island in ongoing basis.


Covid Communicator:  Erika reported that she had been working with Eliza, Carol and Matt on the brochure. The survey report will be completed soon. 20% response rate. More than 70% of the respondents felt Chebeague had done a great job responding to Covid.  We made it through the summer without an outbreak. This success is due in large part that the community worked together. She explained the rationale behind the Community Alert System. The Town will have its own text based alert thanks to the CARES grant. Erika is working on a card re: testing that will be available to the public. Symptom check magnets will be developed for children and the public, which will compare colds, allergies, the flu and COVID. The Council is sponsoring a kid’s Flu& vaccine clinic on Sept. 19.


(Mary Holt note taker lost the internet for 2 minutes)


Melissa commented that CART is a great team effort.  Donna commented that CART was a challenge to get approved and start functioning, but we must thank each other for everyone working together to keep the community safe. Eliza said that when we look where we started, we can see how far we have come!


The meeting was adjourned at 5:01 PM.



Next Meeting on Zoom.  Thursday, September 24, at 4 pm.