Revised CART Minutes June 2, 2020

Approved 6/9/2020


Committee Attendees: Bev Johnson, Mary Holt, Donna Damon, David Hill, Leila Bisharat, Eliza Jane Adams, AL;  Erika Neuman, AL;  Ann Kirkpatrick, School; Marjorie Stratton, Town; Carol Sabasteanski, CTC; Kim Venkatraramen, Tennis; Polly Wentworth, CBL.


Public Attendees: Bob Earnest, Chip Emery,  Donna Colbeth, Jackie Trask, Jenny Hackel, Jim Cox-Chapman, Marcia Howell, Nancy Hill, John Holt, Kip Webb


Melissa called the meeting to order at 2:04 PM.  She asked that folks use the chat box if they want to speak.


Minutes accepted.




CTC: Carol reported that the bus service began on June 1 and is complicated.  Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer are available. 

~Covid 19 tickets can be turned in and the value can be applied to the purchase of a regularly priced book.

~Matt is working with CDC re: the 20 passenger boat limit. They have had to run a few double trips. Commuters who arrive early for the first 2 boats leaving Chebeague will have priority boarding. 

~There is a meeting in Yarmouth on June 4 re: increased barging days due to increased demand by folks quarantining who want to come in their car.

~Freight at Cousins Island will be loaded on by passengers in boarding order.  No one will be allowed down until the group before them have loaded all of their gear to provide social distancing.


CUMC: Polly reported that more than 250 masks had been handed out. She has removed them from CBL Wharf because there is no way to protect them. They will still be available at other locations. If people need masks contact Polly.

~Leila thanked Polly and mentioned that many people are not wearing masks.

~Polly mentioned that “Maxine - a mannequin - may be used in a mask campaign.





School: Ann  reported that June 12 was the last day for students.  When materials are passed in, students will receive a tee shirt and some activities.

~The staff will be at the school June 15-17. 6/17. There will be a school celebration for the elementary and high school graduates on July 15.

~SORT Committee is working on reopening plan re: various options. 1. In school; 2. part in school/part online; 3. Online. A survey will be sent to parents re: how comfortable they are about students returning to school. Ann is looking for guidance from the State but it is ultimately the Supt.’s call.


Communications: Leila spoke about the “welcoming kit” and reported that the barge captains are handing them out to folks barging their car over for quarantine.

~Marjorie spoke about an initiative from the State to eliminate out of staters’ quarantine. She had received a survey with a 24 hr turn around time and wanted input. It is due on June 5 at 12 noon.  It is a 4 point plan.  Several members and the public expressed concern that Chebeague was not equipped to do this.Issues included: Chebeague a community at risk; population vulnerable; testing not 100% accurate; lack of enforcement; increased pressure on masks and distancing; a person could be exposed after testing negative. Marjorie advised staying with the 2 week quarantine. Donna D asked if it is a mandate or do communities opt in?


David Hill moved to vote NO on policy adoptions; seconded by Mary - most not in favor.  This was a straw poll and included the public as well as the Committee.  Some folks didn’t vote and Jim CC and Kip abstained. This was non-binding and was taken at Marjorie’s request so she could get a sense of how the community might feel. Bev felt that quarantining was not a “big deal” and that many islanders have volunteered to do errands for those in quarantine to protect the community.


Leila described 3 tasks that needed more specificity: distancing; wearing masks; signage.


Polly suggested having signs at ports of entry. Donna reported Cliff Island had one  that was by order of the City of Portland; she mentioned that Vinal Haven had a sign that seemed specific. Kim suggested the Boat Yard be added to the list, after Bob Earnest told the group about the number of transient boaters there - especially on the weekends. Kim felt the message should be positive - like “Chebeague Strong”. Marjorie said that we can’t keep people from coming.  Bob suggested that signs should give people the opportunity to do the right thing. It was noted that off islanders use the floats at the Stone Wharf and Chandlers too.

Polly suggested that the signs include : No public bathrooms; No Inn; Distancing and masks. Donna suggested that the signs be official looking like Cliff’s. Eliza Jane felt that the signs should be customized for each landing. Jackie stated that more daytrippers will be coming via CBL and that at least one person had camped overnight at Chandler's Cove. We need no camping signs on Town Property. Jim CC suggested that signs also be installed at Rt. 1 parking lot; CBL Terminal and Cousins Island freight shed.


Leila agreed with Eliza that there needs to be a committee to develop major signage as discussed, and it should be posted at the locations stated.


Next meeting June 9 at 2 on Zoom.  Mary moved to adjourn at 3:27PM; Polly seconded; unanimous.