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Committee Attendees:  Bev Johnson, Mary Holt, Donna Damon, David Hill, Leila Bisharat, Eliza Jane Adams, at large; Ann Kirkpatrick, School; Denise Hamilton, Library; Marjorie Stratton, Town; Carol Sabasteanski, CTC; Polly Wentworth, CBL; Erika Neumann, Communications; Jim Gallagher, GCGC; Kim Venkataraman, Tennis, Jim Cox-Chapman IC, Kip Webb IC.


Public Attendees: John Holt, Donna Colbeth, Marcia Howell, Toby Webb, Chip Emery, Nancy Hill, Carol Springer, Jen Belesca CIBY, Nick Wessell, Susan Stavropoulos


Minutes: Minutes of 5/12 moved and seconded with corrections: Unanimous.




CTC: Carol confirmed with the State Dept. of Economic Development that bus service could start on June 1. The bus will be able to carry 9 passengers or a couple more if family members. Mellin’s have extended the use of their lot to June 7, so that cars can be moved to RT. 1. CTC will go back to selling regular tickets, and they will be color-coded. No round trip tickets will be sold.  Leila commended Carol in clarity and thoroughness.


CRC: Eliza Jane reported that CRC is waiting for guidance from Maine CDC re: reopening.  They still hope to have some summer camps for kids.  CRC will interview candidates for an Island Fellow’s position on Friday.  The Island Institute pays the lodging for two years. The Fellow will work on programming with a focus on capacity building for youth.


GCGC: Jim announced that the course will open on May 30 and will follow the Governor’s guidelines religiously.  They will not allow day-trippers.  Denise added that Carl Tubbesing would submit the papers to the state for certification. The Clubhouse will not be open to the public but the bathrooms will be open to players. The attendant will manage the cleaning of the bathroom.  Masks and gloves will be required.


TENNIS CLUB: Kim reported that based on the State's guidelines, recommendations from the U.S. Tennis Association, and the steps being taken by other tennis clubs in Maine, the Club will prepare one court for play. The target opening date is June 15, and as the summer progresses the Club will evaluate if it should open the second court. The guidelines will be shared with the club members and prominently displayed at the club, which will make it clear that no one under quarantine should be at the courts. Additionally, the Club will require each player to bring their own tennis balls and observe social distancing guidelines. All social events and group tennis activities are on hold. Additionally, the planned rules and guidelines will be shared with the medical/communications group on the island before moving ahead to ensure that their recommendations have been incorporated.


CIHS: The Museum and public outside bathroom will not be open this summer. The Museum hopes to sell some items on line as well as present programs virtually.  Leila thanked Donna and Chip for the video “Growing Up On Chebeague”.  It was a great teaser for the next exhibit as well as a happy reminder of childhood and days gone by.


Communications: Leila spoke about Kip Webb’s first informational video that was posted the day before.  Another video is ready to go re: Quarantine. Bev reported that people found the video helpful. There was a discussion about some of the content and the issues were clarified. Jim and Kip feel that we need to push the use of masks and keep reminding people to wash their hands and social distance.

Jenny Hackel will be writing an article about the importance of masks. Jim mentioned that the masks also help us keep our hands away from our faces.   David Hill read a communication from the Maine CDC in response to David’s request that the State consider letting us have a testing program on Chebeague.


Nick Wessell is concerned about the impact of the 14-day quarantine on summer folks and expressed concern that Cumberland Co. has more Covid 19 cases than the places some folks are coming from. 


Several people noted that many people come from the hotspots of MA, CT, NY, and NJ, which is why the Governor is being cautious.  The group explained how CTC would bring folks over on the barge so they could bring supplies for quarantine. Polly mentioned that supplies were limited on Chebeague and there is a fragile balance of food and rescue personnel and supplies.  Jim urged the group to discuss at some point a process for healing.  We need good judgment, good leadership and find ways we can come together.  Nancy Hill feels the Governor’s orders are not strict enough. Melissa reminded the group that we need to follow CDC guidelines, must communicate those recommendations, and are not in a place to ease restrictions. Jim felt it was reasonable to have quarantine on Chebeague from people coming from anywhere.  Eliza reminded the group that the CTC crew was fragile because of the lack of back up and must be protected. Erika stated that it was important to have a dialogue re: concerns and anxiety. Bev stated that people on Chebeague were being strict because of concern for fragile family members. Erika suggested that we share stories of Chebeaguers who are keeping people safe and Covid free.


Jim shared a method of testing that might be possible on Chebeague so that suspected cases wouldn’t have to leave the island.  Kip mentioned that he was advocating a 12-foot social distance to be extra careful. 


David thanked Jim and Kip for all of their help. Leila mentioned that more videos would be produced and that we need to make sure that the selectmen receive them.


Leila asked Ann if the students were studying Covid-19.  The answer was no but Polly mentioned that parents had received a coloring book about it.


Melissa asked that agenda items be sent to her before the next meeting.


Polly moved and David seconded that we adjourn at 3:34 pm. Unanimous.




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