June 11, 2020 - from the CTC

According to the Governor’s “Keep Maine Healthy” plan issued on June 8:
“The State will exempt residents of New Hampshire and Vermont from the testing and 14-day quarantine requirement altogether, effective immediately for travel and effective June 12 for stays in lodging establishments.” In addition, Keep Maine Healthy “has created a testing alternative to the 14-day quarantine for visitors to Maine starting July 1.”

As a result of this change, CTC welcomes people arriving from New Hampshire or Vermont to ride the bus when they first come to Maine. Our policy prohibiting passengers from other states from riding the bus if they have not quarantined in Maine for 14 days remains in place for the time being. We are seeking further guidance from the State.

We realize the logistical difficulties this policy creates for seasonal residents of Chebeague. Therefore, we are offering a barging discount to Route One annual parking permit holders.

If you have an annual Route One parking permit and are coming to the island from out of state (without having quarantined in Maine), we will provide a $50 barging discount if you book a round trip and reserve a return barge trip for your vehicle immediately upon completion of your 14-day quarantine. Traveling to the island, you will be expected to ride in your vehicle on the barge to limit any exposure to others.

Using our Bus Service

1. All passengers must wear face masks (these will be provided if you do not have them, we ask for a $5 donation which will be given to the island’s food pantry). Disposable gloves and hand sanitizer are also available on the bus.
2. The number of seats available on the bus trip has been reduced to 9. Family members can share a seat. Multiple trips to ferry will be made as necessary.
3. Passengers will board the bus in order. The first passenger to board the bus will sit at the rear of the bus, and so on toward the front. The bus driver will be the last person to board the bus.
4. The bus driver will be the first person to leave the bus at the destination and passengers will leave in the reverse order of boarding.
5. CTC crew will not handle passenger freight. Please adhere to social distancing while loading and unloading your freight.
6. The bus will be disinfected after each trip.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


Carol Sabasteanski
General Manager
Chebeague Transportation Company
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