Re: COVID 19 Chebeague Community Testing Team

We did not have symptoms and had not, to our knowledge, been exposed to COVID-19 but we decided to be tested because we know that social distancing, masks and disinfectants are not foolproof and we did not want to risk the health of others we have contact with.  On November 27 we went to the Island Commons parking lot where the CCTT was offering tests.  We took the ‘quick test’ and in about fifteen minutes learned we both tested positive.  This was a shock but we were ensured by the Team that the results were not necessarily conclusive; we then took the ‘long test.’  In about thirty-six hours we were told by the CCTT that we were both negative - we slept much better that night!  Two days later the Team asked if we would take the long test again to ensure the results.  We agreed because we wanted to be reassured the first negative test was correct and because the data will likely be added to ongoing COVID 19 vaccine research.

Yesterday a team member notified us that we are still COVID negative.  It’s good news but it isn’t a vaccine so masks, disinfectants and social distancing are still necessary: all inconvenient and annoying but better than the illness. 

Thank you to the CCTT for your knowledge and good work!

Sue and Ernie Burgess