Dear Customers,

I am reaching out as a friend and as your service provider of water. I’d like to follow up to my previously posted message on the Chebeague News page. As you may know, our governor, Janet Mills recently requested that there be no nonessential travel to the State. If for some reason, you must come, you’re required to quarantine yourself for fourteen days. In addition, she mandated a "stay at home" order for Maine residents, with the exception of those providing essential services. I hope to be getting water systems back on line as I am able, in anticipation of the day restrictions are lifted. I will do this in good faith, trusting that each property owner will be respectful of the “stay at home” order from Governor Mills, as well as officials at the federal level. We’re in a seemingly shrinking world, enduring this trying time of uncertainty together. I believe with empathy and respect, we will reach our common goal of having life back as we know it, to be healthy and normal once again.

I understand your desire to return to the Island, however, this is NOT THE TIME. The start of summer may be significantly delayed and I may need to get water systems ready without individual requests. You will still need to contact me, as usual, to confirm that your water has been turned on or to request an activation date. If your request falls within the time period of the “stay at home order," it’s likely I may not be able or available to fulfill your request. If you arrive during restricted times, to a home with no water, I will put my immediate and extended family’s safety first and will not be coming to energize your water system. If you arrive within the restricted period, regardless if I’ve activated your water or not, you will still need to follow the fourteen-day quarantine period mandated by the Governor. These are all necessary measures given the current knowledge of this virus. Please be well and help take care of your families and neighbors.

*Please send a message if you DO NOT want me to activate you’re water system without your request to do so.

Respectfully and with empathy,