The CART (Community Action Response team) Subcommittee on Covid Vaccination would like to thank the CDC nurses from Cumberland County for coming to Chebeague 2/17 to provide vaccinations on Chebeague at the Recreation Center. Thanks to a host of CART volunteers, the first Covid Vaccine clinic in Tier 1B (which prioritizes the vaccination of citizens over age 70) went off without a hitch. Gail Jenkins received the first vaccine of the day. While two nurses provided the second dose for the residents of the Island Commons and multiple critical team members of the Rescue and Fire Department in Tier 1A, three extra nurses came to provide dose #1 for a long list of residents over age 70 at the Chebeague Recreation Center. The nurses reported that “This was the best run vaccine clinic ever.” The CART committee was grateful that the lead CDC Nurse was able to obtain a few extra doses (though we wish it could have been more) to provide the first vaccination to a few more critical infrastructure workers as these doses became available. The nurses chose these workers based on CDC criteria for prioritization. Thank you to the Town as well as a long list of volunteers and non-profit organizations who made this effort a success.

Nurses from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Erica Neumann, Kiran Grewal, Eliza Jane Adams, Jackie Trask, Justin Poirier, Nancy Hill, Steve Auffant, Jenny Hackel