The Chebeague Parents Association's September Calendar Raffle prizes have
been drawn and the remaining winners are:

Sept 14th -6 Island Essentials
Candles from Jen Belesca- Catherine Rich;

Sept 15th - $25 Gift Certificate
to LL Bean- Kim Bogle;

September 16th - $25 Food Voucher to Island Market
from Ed & Julie Doughty- Skip Dyer;

Sept 17th - 2 CPA cookbooks & 2 sets of
CPA notecards- Leanne Krudner;

Sept 18th - Six Lobsters donated by Sherman
Rich - Elias Rich;

Sept 19th - $50 CASH from Charles W. Hall Builder - Jerry

Sept 20th - $100 CASH from Lew Holman of Holman & Howard - Stephanie

Sept 21st - $25 CASH from Cindy Riddle of Top Shelf Cleaning - Karen

Sept 22nd -$25 Gift Certificate from Estabrook's - Cynthia Biber;

Sept 23rd - $20 Gift Certificate to Calder's Clam Shack from Virginia & Tom
Calder - Paul Cleary;

September 24th - $25 LL Bean Gift Certificate -
Cynthia Biber;

Sept 25th - $25 LL Bean Gift Certificate donated by Vicki
Marion - Jackie Cross;

Sept 26th - $50 CASH donated by Charles Kuntz of
Calendar Island Construction - Phil Johnson;

Sept 27th - $100 CASH donated
by John Birkett CPA - Jay Kendeigh;

Sept 28th - $25 LL Bean Gift Certificate
donated by Vicki Marion - Tina Murphy;

Sept 29th - $50 Gift Certificate to
Miller Designs donated by Gail Miller - Anne Isenbers;

Sept 30th - $100 CASH
donated by Ken Pelton Electrical Contractor - David Stevens.

TO ALL OUR WINNERS!!! And a huge THANK YOU to all of the donors for their
very generous gifts. Without you, this raffle would not be possible. Thank
you for supporting the CPA.