Maine Seabird Biology and Conservation
September 6 - 11 2015

Photo of the crew that built the Osprey Nest and then got it on top (without a helicoptor)
Donna, Bev, Joe, Eric and Walter (missing from the photo was Kevin)

Steve Kress
Dr. Stephen Kress is the Vice President for Bird Conservation of the National Audubon Society, and Director of the Seabird Restoration Program for over 30 years.
Click here for a youtube video about the Leach's storm Petrel. Click here for a youtube video about Old Hump Ledge. click here to go to the Hog Island Website.

If you are would like to buy the book Project Puffin by Stephen Kress and Derrick Jackson - click here.

Below are links to five days of work and birding during the program. Click here for a copy of our list of birds that we saw during the program.

Following the program at Hog Island the school children on Chebeague created their own Atlantic Puffin Movie

In the spring of 2014 our Chebeague Island School k-2nd grade class produced a movie about the Birds of Chebeague using green screen I promised to share:

Birds of Chebeague

In the fall of 2014 the Pre-K - 2nd graders produced a movie about migrating birds:

Migrating Birds of Chebeague

This Fall the 3-5 grade class will be studying 6 different seabirds including the Puffin and will be producing and creating six short video with the Pre-k - 2nd graders as the birds. We will be using Seabird Sues Puffin costume ideas and are looking forward to sharing our new movies.


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