June 7. 2005

Island Electric and Chebeague Sand and Gravel, are combining
efforts to clean Chebeague Island of all junk vehicles and any
metal objects.

All vehicles or metals should be delivered to the top part of the
sand pit by June 20, 2005.

Items will be recycled at no charge, if delivered.

Items not delivered will be picked up upon request, and a donation
to offset expenses will be requested, but not required.

This is a great opportunity to do your part to clean the Island of
metal objects at little or no cost.

In the future, changes in State and Town ordinances will require
that landowners keep their lots clear of junk vehicles, or dispose of
them at landowners expense.

Call 846- 2468 for more info or to have vehicles or items picked

Vehicles should have personal items removed, not contain any
trash, and a limit of 5 wheels and tires per vehicle.

Volunteers are also needed to help load items.
Thanks, and let's clean our beautiful Island together.

Kim Boehm, owner. Island Electric