Donald Van Vliet Elliott

Donald Van Vliet Elliott of Lake Mary, FL, 75, passed peacefully on March 6, 2015. Donald was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Donald graduated with a degree in Commercial Art and was a master wood working artist. He also loved his dog Maggie like she was part of the family.

Donald is survived by his loving and devoted wife Evelyn Elliott. He was preceded in death by his father Charles Thompson and mother Elizabeth Harris and his beloved Maggie.


Donald Van Vliet Elliott’s ashes ashes will be interred in the Chebeague Cemetery Saturday August 29th at eleven am.  He will be just down the hill and nearby the rest of the Bankers, Harrises, Royces and Elliotts who comprise the different branches of his family.  He is survived by his wife, Evelyn.  He was son of Betty Harris and was raised by Ed Harris. He was the brother of Chuck Elliott, and half-brother to Gail Harris McConnaughhay and Stephen Harris. He was predeceased by Ed and Betty and his sister, Deborah.  He was born on 1/11/1940 in Minneapolis, weighing 10 lbs. 6 oz.  He passed away in Sanford, FL 3/6/2015 following a broken hip surgery from complications related to COPD and Parkinson’s disease.   Like many others, he lived in far flung places but chose to be buried with his family here on Chebeague.

For Rev. Melissa Yosua Davis

Don and I were married on August 2, 1997 on his Mothers Birthday.  He called his Mother and told her he had a Birthday present for her that she is getting a Daughter in Law. I am surprised the poor woman didn't have a Heart attack on the spot.  Mother was quite concerned about this, I took the phone and following quite a lengthy conversation with her she asked “Where have you been for the past 25 years?!” Don and I had a great marriage he was a very loving, caring man and always called me his ‘Princess” never by my name.  Everybody in the stores and friends knew who Princess was. He always brought me flowers and never forgot a Birthday or Anniversary.  He had a great sense of humor, but was also a no nonsense man. He could make the accent of the language of the different States including New England and I had a hard time to control myself from laughing when he would answer people with their accent back. He was a great Jazz fan and especially driving in the car with the Jazz Music playing and him going with the beat and pretending he is playing the Bass. Other drivers sure gave us the looks, especially because they could not hear the music.  He was a great and tremendous Woodworking Artist.  His masterpiece was taken from by a story inspired by Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth. When the little girl with polio was confined to the Bedroom and the Wind blew the curtain open she could see a big bare tree.  Don hand carved the Tree with the Window frame out of one piece of wood.  It took him 6 years and it was displayed at the Golden Leaf Gallery in Deland Florida.  I insisted that it stay in the family and his brother Steve Harris has it now.

I feel very strongly that he should be honored and remembered for his big heart, kindness, feelings and talent and sense of humor which I miss all of the above very much.
I had the Tree cut into the monument with his Artist Initials and I know when he looks down from heaven he would say: "That's my Princess."  I am missing and love him very much and he is in my daily prayers the road that I must walk now is very hard and rough without him, but the only consolation I have is God's promise that this is only a temporary separation and that knowing one day we will meet again.

All my love,
His Princess, Evelyn Elliott