Barbara Malotte Smith


Barbara Malotte Smith lived a life full of joy and overflowing with song. Born 6/28/1919 in Evanston, IL, she graduated from Northwestern University with a music degree and graduate studies from Julliard School of Music, NYC. Barbara gave her singing debut concert at Times Hall, NYC the same year she was married to the love of her life, Philip Ernest Smith. A constant in Barbara's life was her dedication to the Christian Science Church. Barbara & Philip had 4 daughters and 6 grandchildren : Rindy (Bethany & Meghan), Holly (Kristine & Katie), Melody, and Heather (Philip & Bonnie) who are embracing the special song Barbara shared.

Click here to hear an audio of Barbara and her life done in June of 2011 where she talks all about her life which includes her time as a Red Cross Girl during World War II.