November 30, 2008

Dear Friends and Family,

Today has been a fairly uneventful day. Barb and Dad went to pick up Jon in Manchester, NH and I held down the fort until Judy arrived and stayed so I could go home for awhile. This morning, Mom was very tired because she hadn't slept well last particular reason, she said. She continues to lose lots of fluid in her hands, feet and face and is still peeing great. Dr. Quinn, who was the covering cardiologist yesterday and today, came in and looked her over and told her she was still draining from her chest tubes and ordered a chest Xray which she had around 9AM. She is very comfortable, eating better (mostly grub from home) and continues to get rid of lung-stuff.

While I was gone this afternoon for a couple of hours, Mom said a doctor was in and told her that Dr. Rivas and crew would be making a decision about what the process should be from here. I guess that would mean when the chest tubes should come out and the catheter, etc. Mom is looking forward to working with the PT and the OT tomorrow and throughout the week. She can't believe how very, very weak she is but I told her she could probably equate her weakness to approximately where she was on Day 2 or 3 after her bypass surgery and she made great strides forward in a short period of time. I think the chest tubes and the catheter have been a deterrent in her progress as they are cumberbersome and bulking things to have someone have to drag along. She can maneuver quite well from bed's edge to the recliner and can sit on the side of the bed for quite an extended period of time. I look forward to being here early tomorrow to hear what the docs have in mind for her.

She is doing very well with the post-pace maker surgery and has no pain to speak of. She continues to have good vitals with normal temp, blood pressure, etc. but still has quite a bit of fluid in her legs which they feel with disapate when she is vertical for longer periods of time.

Dad and Barb went back to the island for the night for some much deserved rest and change of scenery. I'm pretty sure Dad will want to be back here tomorrow but we'll see.

Thank you all, once again, for caring and praying and showing your love and support in so many amazing ways!!

Bev and Crew